The 6 Powers

The Powers in Future Self wellness game are the habits that drive you to success. The habits to a healthy lifestyle are not hidden and are freely available to anyone who applies them. These habits are purpose, social, action, intellect, grit, and reward power.

  • Purpose Power: knowing exactly what you want and who you want it for which gives meaning to everything else
  • Social Power: creating and maintaining accountability as well as bing that accountability and support for others
  • Action Power: Doing the right things at the right time, like sleeping, drinking water, and of course eating the right food
  • Intelect Power: educating your mind with the right kinds of behavior, foods, and motion to acheive the results you crave
  • Grit Power: Sticking with a plan and working a plan despite setbacks and obstacles because you are committed to a course of action
  • Reward Power: The payoff for all the hard word both short and long term
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