Love Yourself

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that is where passion is born.” ~ Zig Ziglar

I forgot something important over the last three years as I let go of my healthy habits. I forgot to love myself. I forgot to value myself enough to keep up with the changes that led to a better me. The video below is the story that allowed me to love myself. Below the video is how my brain remembers the story.

I remember one of the first times I valued my body instead of hating it. I was listening to a tape in my car (yes, I am old and my car is old) by Zig Ziglar. He was telling a story about someone with a disability and how they were told (or maybe their parents were told) he was never going to walk or play sports like the other kids. And the parents looked for a second opinion. And they were told the same thing – your child will never walk, never play sports, never be “normal.” So the parents went for another opinion. And a fourth. They believed their son was more than a label. He was more than the nothing others thought he would always be.

The family finally found a doctor who did not label their son as broken. As damaged and beyond repair. The doctor imagined the child with a better future. A child that could walk and be “normal.” He said it would take work, but not to give up on the vision the parents had for their child. He gave that family hope and a belief in a better future.

The transformation took long arduous days and nights of work. There were times everyone wanted to give up. But slowly progress was made. The boy was able to break free from his condition and walk and even play ping pong. He might have played another sport too, I just can’t remember the end of the story.


Zig tells the story much better, but it inspired me to think better of myself. To not label myself as broken, but to come up with a new identity.┬áIn the tape Zig Ziglar said our bodies are sports cars but we treat them like broken down pieces of junk. If you treat a car like a piece of junk it is a piece of junk. When I lost my weight I felt different because I believed something different about myself. I was a sports car and I needed to treat myself like a sports car. You don’t feed you car junk gasoline. You don’t let the maintenance go on your valued possession. You wash it, detali it, and baby it. I am not junk. I am loved.

You have to love yourself and believe you deserve the life you want. Believe you should take care of yourself because you have value. Love yourself. Believe inside lives a sports car that is jut unloved and uncared for. Love yourself, care for yourself, work hard, and watch the transformation.



Author: jamesisnext

Husband, Father, World Changer

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